[NASA ARSET] Bài giàng online về khai thác dữ liệu giám sát CO2 bằng vệ tinh sử dụng Jupiter Notebook

2022-04-28 02:06:31
Tin tức BM Khí tượng và BĐKH Sinh viên


CO2 monitoring from space is becoming an increasingly important and relevant capability in support of climate studies and to inform policy decisions. This introductory four-part webinar series will provide an overview of atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements from space with the OCO-2 and OCO-3 satellite missions. It will include a theoretical portion that will describe the instrument, how the measurement is made, and the characteristics, limitations and validation of the measurement. There will be a discussion of the type of climate studies that such measurements can support. There will also be a practical session where participants will learn how to access, search, filter and display XCO2 data using Jupyter Notebook.

This webinar meets 4 times.
Tue, May 24, 2022 11:00 PM - May 25, 2022 1:00 AM ICT
Thu, May 26, 2022 11:00 PM - May 27, 2022 1:00 AM ICT
Tue, May 31, 2022 11:00 PM - Jun 1, 2022 1:00 AM ICT
Thu, Jun 2, 2022 11:00 PM - Jun 3, 2022 1:00 AM ICT


Đăng kí tại link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5502422800949748240